Know all about the physiological effects of forskolin

Diet and exercises are vital to shed extra kilos but if there are additional supplements that can be added to the regimen, all the more good. Such supplements accelerate weight loss and can yield results faster. Many weight loss supplements are also called as nutritional supplements as they are also beneficial to health in many ways. Forskolin is one such popular supplement.Here are the physiological effects of forskolin.

Forskolin and its many benefits

Forskolin supplements are made with the help of extracts from Indian Coleus plant. The extract contain ingredients such diterpenoids, ginkgolides and so on which possess many antibacterial and other useful properties. Forskolin in addition to helping in weight loss, is also able to activate many enzymes which are responsible for various bodily functions. Forskolin is also a medicine for heart conditions as it can relax blood vessels and thereby facilitate smooth blood flow in heart. It is also effective in allergic conditions and thereby reducing allergy symptoms. One of its most important and one of the best benefits is its role as a cancer suppressant. Though more studies need to be undertaken regarding this role, as of now, there are chances though.

Forskolin and its possible side effects

Forskolin may not cause any side effects as long as you adhere to the dosage and cycle as have been advised. It is only prolonged high dosages can bring out certain side effects. Forskolin has been in use sicne centuries as a medicine but as the extract of Indian Coleus, a plant from the mint family, the scientific name of which is Plectranthus barbatus. Even today, in many countries, it is used in the traditional forms of medicine such as Ayurveda in India.

If the recommended dosage of Forskolin is not maintained, it can lead to fainting, nausea, low blood pressure and so on. Different users may react differently while some may not experience any side effect at all. In extreme case, blood clots or heart failure can be seen. Indigestion and stomach acid problems too may be experienced by some. Since Forskolin is advised to asthma patients, they may experience throat irritation and restlessness. Persons suffering from blood disorders are advised not to take forskolin supplements.

To avoid side effects, it is best to stick to the dosage levels that you require. Since Forskolin is available in different forms, it is difficult to advise one particular dosage as its quantity may vary from form to form and from person to person. Hence it is important to speak to your doctor about forskolin dosage. He will check your overall health, age, weight and other medications and then recommend an appropriate dosage for you. It is also important to know that any type of nutritional supplement may bring with it some or other side effects, most probably mild ones and that is why you should consume them with much caution. Strictly adhere to the guidelines mentioned and never deviate from the recommended dosage. Also, if you encounter any side effects, you should stop using it and then seek your doctor’s advice.

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